APOFRUIT Italia soc. coop. agricola

Viale della Cooperazione, 400
47522 Pievesestina di Cesena (FC) - Italy
Tel. +39.0547.414111
Fax +39.0547.414166
E-mail: info@apofruit.it

Commercial Office Mercato Nazionale
Cesena (Sede Centrale)
Tel. +39.0547.414822 Fax +39.0547.414867 Vignola
Tel. +39.059.7700834-5 Fax +39.059.7700838-9

Commercial Office Export:

Cesena (Sede Centrale)
Tel. +39.0547.414844
Fax +39.0547.414868



Registered Office:
Via Emilia Levante, 2750
47020 Longiano (FC) - Italy
Tel. +39.0547.652211
Fax +39.0547.652266
E-mail: info@apofruit.it

Commercial Office:

Tel. +39.0547.53019
Fax +39.0547.652266

Tel. +39.0547.57541
Fax +39.0547.652237


Mediterraneo Group S.p.a. Consortile Agricola

Registered Office:
Via della repubblica, 70
81030 Parete (CE) - Italy

Commercial Office:
Tel. +39.0547.414822
Fax +39.0547.414867
E-mail: info@apofruit.it

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