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For its members, today Apofruit Italia means

- 12 processing facilities
and 15 collection and storage centres.
- Direct relations with markets.

- A staff of specialists for technical assistance to members.
- Advanced development for integrated and organic high quality production.
- Commitment and investments focusing on corporate efficiency and the enhancement of member production.
- Payment transparency with reference prices throughout every growing and harvesting campaign.
- Corporate governance comprising members/growers and a Board of Directors and Chairperson directly elected by members.


- A consultant technician for every partner for agronomic assistance, crop protection techniques, programming for new plantings and the application of the technical guidelines manual.
- Payments for produce delivered: to ensure rapid payment, members are paid four times a year together with numerous advance payments according to the seasonality of the produce delivered.
- Special agreements with suppliers for the purchase of seeds, seedlings and saplings and agricultural implements.
- Special terms with banks for credit facilities.

Innovative insurance services

- to insure incomes from agricultural businesses;
- discounts up to 50% for farm machinery insurance.

- Organization of training courses and seminars.

Common Market Organization (CMO) for fruit and vegetables

To enhance the competitiveness of its member companies, every year Apofruit directly assigns them 50% of the EU resources for CMO for fruit and vegetables for:

- Introduction of new varieties: 
Apofruit collaborates with leading research institutes and plant geneticists to make the best plant varieties available to cooperative members, some on exclusive terms, allowing them to satisfy evolving market needs;
- Modernization: 
contributions to farm companies for anti-hailstone netting, low-volume irrigation systems, coverings, greenhouses, polytunnels and technical equipment for organic and integrated production.

Joining the cooperative

All agricultural fruit and vegetable producers can join. A commitment to membership for at least one year and a minimum partnership capital fee of €100 are required.
Internal regulations govern all activities of the cooperative (following principles of equality and reciprocal rights).