LEMONGROUP specialises in the production, processing and sale of lemons from the Amalfi Coast and southern Italy. The company, which has been active for four generations, combine 50 years’ experience and know-how with modern production techniques, successfully maintaining a well-established leadership in the sector. Freshness and quality are the objectives that Lemonsud strives for every day in order to guarantee top-quality standards, without pesticide residues or other agrochemicals, and to offer consumers all the genuineness, fragrance and colour of Amalfi.
Of all its lemon groves, it takes particular pride in the one in the village of Torre di Minori-an enchanting garden between the land and sea, in an area that has been declared a world Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO.

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LEMONGROUP aims to promote and protect the Amalfi Sfusato Lemon PGI-the symbol of the excellence of this area – and the Lemon with Leave and the Natural Lemon, both of which are top-quality products. In fact, they are cultivated without the use of chemicals and they grow and ripen to be extremely juicy, with an intense fragrance, and rich in essential oils.
These excellent characteristics make it a precious base in the production of lemon liqueurs and a unique and typical ingredient in the most refined cuisine.