Pempacorer is an organization of fruit and vegetable producers founded in 2003. Today it guarantees fresh fruit and vegetables for the Italian and European markets thanks to their territory integration, expertise and to production and seasonal cycles.
The specialization achieved by Pempacorer means maintaining top-quality produce and ensuring complete traceability. Thanks to accurate laboratory tests, it also guarantees that final consumers can enjoy products that meet the highest food health and safety, and environmental protection standards.
Pempacorer member have invested in specialist storehouses for processing and packaging in order to improve and optimize services.
It’s members - about 2,000 directly associated farms and cooperatives/companies – boast a total of 23 production plants; 15 in Latium, 7 in Emilia Romagna and 1 in Basilicata.

I prodotti


The products sold - about 280,000 tonnes for a consolidated turnover of 150 million euro – come from carefully selected, assisted and certified farms that adopt integrated production and organic farming guidelines, also developing exclusive sales lines for short supply chain products.