For Members,
today Apofruit Italia

12 processing facilities and 12 pick-up and storage centres;

a direct relationship with the market;

a staff of specialists providing technical assistance to members;

access to varietal innovations and exclusive and Club varieties;

cutting-edge development of quality, integrated and organic productions;

commitment and investments aimed at business efficiency and the enhancement of members’ production;

liquidation transparency with benchmark prices throughout the campaign;

corporate governance consisting of Members/Producers and Board of Directors and President elected directly from within the company base.



For each Member, a specialist to contact for agronomic assistance, technical crop protection, programming of new installations and application of the technical guidelines manual;

Liquidation of delivered products: in order to achieve quick payments, 4 annual liquidations and several advance payments are made to members based on the seasonality of the delivered products;

Special agreements with suppliers to purchase plant material and technical vehicles;

Special agreements with banks for facilitated credit;

Discounts of up to 50% on insurance for agricultural vehicles;

Organisation of training courses and seminars.

Fruit and

vegetable /

potato CMO

In order to improve the competitiveness of its member companies, each year Apofruit directly allocates 50% of EU fruit and vegetable CMO resources to them:

Varietal innovation: Apofruit collaborates with leading research institutes and geneticists and makes the best varieties available to cooperative members, some of them exclusively, in order to meet market needs;

Modernisation: grants to farms for anti-hail and micro-irrigation systems, coverings, greenhouses, tunnels and technical machinery.

Grants are paid out to our Members/Producers in June and December of the same year as the investment, reducing the company’s financial outlay.


agricultural fruit and


producers can


What we require:
membership commitment of at least 1 year and underwriting of a minimum capital contribution.


Internal regulations govern all Cooperative activities.