LEMONGROUP is a cooperative that specialises in the production, processing and sale of lemons from the Amalfi Coast and southern Italy.
Active for four generations, it combines fifty years of experience with the most modern production techniques, maintaining a well-recognised leadership in the sector.
Wholesome and fresh fruit are the goals LEMONGROUP, aims for daily, guaranteeing top quality standards, free from residues, crop protection products and pesticides, offering consumers all the wholesomeness, fragrance and colour of Amalfi.

Of its many farms, there is particular pride in the lemon orchard in the village of Torre di Minori: an enchanted garden, nestled between the land and sea, in a territory protected thanks to it having been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


LEMONGROUP aims to promote and protect the Amalfi Sfusato Lemon PGI, the symbol of excellence of this land and to promote the Rocca Imperiale Lemon PGI and the Lemon with Leaf (natural lemon). These are all premium-quality products that grow and ripen with a generous amount of juice and an intense fragrance and aroma and are rich in essential oils. After harvesting, they do not undergo any chemical treatment, these characteristics make it a precious base for producing lemon liqueurs and a unique ingredient for the most refined cuisine.

LEMONGROUP Soc. Coop. Agricola a r.l.
Sede Legale: Via Vecchia Chiunzi, snc 84010 Maiori (SA)
Sede Operativa: Viale Danimarca, snc Zona Industriale 84091 Battipaglia (SA)
Tel/Fax (+39) 0828 624454
e-mail: [email protected]