In 1968, in the heart of Romagna, showing great foresight and determination, Giancarlo Guidi founded Guidi Farm, focusing on poultry rearing and specialising in niche breeds. At the same time, he decided to plant the first fruit orchards on his fields. Alongside his natural aptitude to innovation and entrepreneurship, from the onset the founder confirmed a traditional vision of running his farm, based on the structure of the family.


For decades, in the charming setting of the countryside of Romagna, the farm has been producing premium quality fruit and vegetables, in full respect of the environment. It specialises primarily in growing yellow and red-skin apricots, for a total quantity of approximately 8 million kg.
The range of products includes the production of:

  • Romagna artichokes for approximately 150,000 heads;
  • Angeleno and October Sun Plums for 1.2 million kg;
  • Loto di Romagna and Rojo Brillante Persimmon for a total quantity of 100,000 kg.


Sede Legale:
Via Matteotti, 275 47020 Roncofreddo FC
Sede Operativa divisione ortofrutta:
C. A. Magazzino Carpinello
Via Brasini, 2 Bis • 47122 Forlì FC
E-mail: [email protected]