Fruit shows is the project focusing on Italian fruit and vegetable excellences to promote healthy and conscious consumption, respecting health and the environment with a bit of good old-fashioned fun. The project has been designed with the aim of providing a new and ubiquitous communication offer for the entire fruit and vegetable category, based on the high number and almost total representativeness of Italian fruit and vegetable excellences and which constitutes a supply chain approach never seen before in terms of range.


ATI SAF was founded on 23 November 2022 in Bologna and today groups together 22 companies that produce, package and market excellent Italian fruit and vegetables and that sell packaging and deal with their sustainability.


It is therefore, above all, a direct assumption of responsibility on the part of production and at the same time a stimulus to involve the entire supply chain up to the large-scale retail trade, which is in fact the first point of contact with consumers. Eating more quality Italian fruit and vegetables benefits everyone; it leads to healthier eating styles, encourages the consumption of wholesome products and focuses attention on the sectors of the distribution channels where customers are offered one of the jewels in the crown of premium quality Italian food.


SAF looks at shops and focuses on meeting consumers alongside products to show them off and talk about them in the right mood, so that experience in the sector can be more pleasant, conscious and memorable, in order to create new approaches of the supply chain with the large-scale retail trade in terms of stock variety. To all intents, the fruit and vegetable sector becomes the “stage” for the products on sale.