SOLE, a company that has been operating for 60 years, was founded thanks to the initiative of a group of farmers from Parete (CE). Today, it groups together 125 farms, for a total of about 700 hectares of cultivated area and 22,000 tonnes of product, for a turnover of around 37 million euro. Its production comes from farms located in the Campania plain, between the provinces of Caserta and Naples; this is a particularly fertile area thanks to its volcanic origin. The factory in Parete is fitted out with hi-tech systems for product processing, transport, packaging and labelling.
A staff of highly-qualified agronomists help member farms to apply integrated production procedures. Some time ago, SOLE began to focus production choices on premium-quality standards, both in terms of organoleptic properties and in terms of food safety.


SOLE produces over 22,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables. Its main product is strawberries, for which the cooperative has developed a remarkable specialisation in terms of varieties and growing techniques, in order to guarantee continuity on the market for 12 months a year.
Completing the range are: peaches and nectarines, lettuce, peppers, aubergines, percoca peaches, courgettes, apricots, Annurca apples from Campania and melons.


Via della Repubblica, 70
81030 Parete (CE) – Italy
Tel +39 081 5036887
Fax +39 081 5035111
E-mail: [email protected]